Why righTune?

Play to your visitors’ emotions!

righTune playlists help brands connect emotionally to their audience, set the right mood and engage visitors on a more intimate level than words alone can convey.

Make your website unforgettable

Relevant music that is heard when viewing a website adds a deep emotional dimension into the user experience and inscribes the website subconsciously into the visitor’s memory.

Create an in-store ambiance on your website because

of consumers report that music influenced their decision to make a purchase*
*source: Gallup Organization Survey

Increase conversions and revenues

the average increase in revenue reported by store owners when they played music vs. when they didn’t*
*Source: Muzak study

Increase user satisfaction

of people would rather have music than sex *
*Marrakesh records/Human Capital study

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What is righTune?

You set the mood, we’ll set the background music

  • righTune’s track user engagement and learn what playlists perform best.
  • righTune adjust playlists on an hourly basis to achieve your website’s goals.
  • No more repetitive or overused music.

Measurable, Quick Impact

  • righTune tracks user engagement for each playlist and provides real-time reports.
  • righTune’s impact should be noticed within days or weeks.

The Total Package

  • Integrates into any website in mere seconds– no technical skills required!
  • New righTune users can enjoy the service entirely free! Take advantage of it - NOW.
  • We cover all required royalties for use of the music.
"We embedded righTune background music service into our website. We saw an immediate increase in the average staying time on our website. In addition, the service helped actualize our website’s goals and reinforced our luxury, high quality branding values."
Idan Meir VP Marketing, Mirshamim

How righTune works?

Easy To Embed

Add righTune to your site in seconds. It’s as easy as pressing play.

Automatic & intuitive

righTune will provide ongoing adjust of the music on your site to achieve your website’s goals - we do the work so you don’t have to!

Integrated Analytics

See the difference that righTune makes on a daily basis with our easy-to-understand integrated dashboard analytics. We’ll also e-mail you regular reports.

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